Vegetables are some of the most intellegent and cunning creatures of the food world! They have been known to take over many food terretories and posses it as their own.

The largest Vegetable civilizations include The Carrot Nation, Celeria, The Potato Tribe, and Eggplantarus.

Even though vegetables are quite intellegent, many of them do stupid and blunt things which result in a Food-Whisperor becoming their ruler!

Vegetables are very healthy for people and animals, but many times it takes a while to like eating them because they taste strange. The reason they taste strange is because they know the threat of being eaten by a Human, and therefore make themeselves taste weird to avoid it. But to their own defeat, it barely works.

Vegetables are very social with neighboring fruits and vegetables, but if war is diclared against one of them, it won't end pretty!

If your inner-food is a vegetable, oh dear Food-Whisperor, remember to try and take control of the vegetable civilizations! And remember this too, the traits of these vegetables aren't true for many of them, and they're certainly not true for you! You just take their form, not their innerform!