Hello dear explorer! If you want to learn more about your tastey powers to become food, you've come to the right place! Understanding the ways of Food is a basic but crutial step to act like them, and once you've mastered this, the other lessons will be much easier to learn!

The Concept of Socializing with food!Edit

Knowing how to socialize with food is very important, for they do not act the same way as we humans do! The following steps will teach you a few important things when socializing with food:

  • Don't joke with them. They may be smart, but sometimes they can think things litterally or offensive.
  • Try not to show fear, for many foods (Especially fruits and vegetables ) sense fear and will use it against you.
  • Stay confident infront of them. Make a respectable place for yourself in the food world!
  • Don't EVER let any food know your NOT one! If you really have to tell, only tell the ones you most trust, for if they find out...They'll have the ability to take your powers away! And thats VERY horrible!

The Concept of Foods eating each other alive!Edit

By the title you must already know the warning hidden within it... Foods will try to EAT you alive! Yes! They will!

Foods don't really have the concept of cannibalism! If a food likes you it could eat you as a compliment, and you should NEVER let that happen! Always take the upper-hand, and eat them when the time is right! This will teach the other foods not to mess with you.

If a food deeply admires you it may serve itself for you to eat. NEVER refuse a request like that from ANY type of food! You may think your doing it a favor, but if you do so it'll get offended and may eat you VIOLENTLY.

The Concept of Food Names!Edit

Food are usually quite intellegent. But there's one confusing thing about them...Their Names.

Food don't exactly have names. Some of them do, but many of them are called by a title including their species! (Eg: Coconut Prince, Coconut of Messages, Coconut de la Juice, etc.)

Now comes the confusing part...Some of them are just called by their SPECIES. (Eg: Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry, etc.)

You must mostly know them by experience, not only the names. Thats how food get along, and remember to try and keep a nice title name, for it'll bring respect and honor to you!

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