Foods of many kind, all prepared to be eaten!


There are some special people living among us. Some say they lie, and some say they joke. But many of these special people aren't lieing or joking...Yes. Food whisperers exist. They can talk to food and can take the form of there inner food. Are you ready to explore this world in a completely different way, a world in which food have wars, empires, kingdoms, and tyranny? Get ready, for you are about to discover The Secret World of Food!

The Ultimate Food-Whisperer Guide!Edit

Yes, this is the ultimate food-whisperor guide! We made this so that all us Food-Whisperors would be able to gather our experiences and knowledge in one handy Food-Whispering Wiki! So don't be shy to tip in some of the things you know about this amazing food world!

And for the record, we are The United Edible Nations, a society of Food-Whisperors controling the food and organising their world in an efficient and nice way! Don't tell any food that were humans though, cause then were DONE FOR!!!

We suggest you start out with this page, Understanding the Ways of Food, cause its an essential step for surviving in the Food Worlds! Happy Exploring!

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