History of the Mer-Berry'sEdit

A long long time ago, A civilization of Strawberry's were attacked by The Tyrant Corn King (Emperor), who was expanding his Kingdom into all vegetable and fruit territories!

He wanted them to join his empire as slaves, but the Strawberry's showed him dis-respect, for they didn't surrender to The Corn King or offer him a sacrifice from there people.

He then cornered them to a lake (The Sweet Lake) and forced them to go deeper and deeper into the water. The Corn King thought they drowned, so he claimed their land as his own, and made a kingdom there in the Peaceful strawberry fields! But what he knew not, was that the lake contained magical properties, so instead of drowning, the magic allowed the Berry's to breathe underwater!

After 10 years or so, the Berry's re-surfaced again, but this time with soft purple and blue scaly water-tails! The now called Mer-Berry's sang a song so beautiful but devastating, it destroyed The Corn Kings amazing palace and drove all The Corn including himself out of the Strawberry Territories!

Soon, a small village of Strawberry's discovered the beautiful Strawberry Fields! They made a small village there, soon becoming a Republic and then a Dynasty! The Mer-Berry's were happy with their sister community of Berry's and allowed them to keep the fields and remained in the water, where they built a new Kingdom, Berrylanta! They are still part of The Strawberry Dynasty ofcourse, but they have their own kingdom too, right under The Sweet Lake!