Meat is a very special type of creature living in the food world!

At first, meat is just a dead organisms flesh, but after baked, grilled, or fryed, the meat comes to life as a new organism living in the Food World!

The Largest of the few civilizations of meat is The Meat Lands, a barbaric and fowl place with much violence! All desposed or lost meat go there to have a new beginning and a relitivly safe life!

Meat are barbaric creatures. When ever they come to life, the first thing they want to do is to escape from the grasp of meat-eating creatures! They like fighting, and enjoy dance parties greatly!

But although meat are known to be violent and barbaric, there is a community of Lamb-Chops living in a town called Chop De La Lamb, which is not very big but it is known to have some of the most elegant and noble people of the Food World living in it! Those Lamb-Chops are so different and great from other meat, they aren't even considered as meat! They have gained the respect of many noble food cities, and as well as the title of The Royal Chops!

Becoming the king of Chop de la Lamb would seriously be great, Dear Food-Whisperor! But if you want a strong military power, you should try to become king of The Meat Lands and blance it. Once its balanced you could have the strongest nation in the whole Food World!

If your inner-food is meat, Dear Food-Whisperor, it may be alot of fun! And remember that the qualities of meat that we have told you aren't true for all of them and are certainly not true for you! Just because you can take the form of meat doesn't mean you have to take their inner-form too!