Fruits are some of the most polite and kind creatures of the food world! They are very noble, and get hurt very easily. A fruit is the only food in the world which enjoy's being eaten by Humans and Animals, and thats why their so sweet!

Some of the largest Fruit civilizations include The Kingdom of Coconuts, The Strawberry Dynasty, The Apple Oak Empire, and The Blueberry Kingdom!

The most beautiful and tourist attracted Fruit Civilisation is Peach-Tra, the home of the peaches! Its small, but very amazing!

Fruits are very social with other fruits, but when it comes to other foods, they may be a bit hesitant. Fruits greatly enjoy Parties and Celebrations, but be sure not to offend one, or you'll never see one of their parties ever again!

A fruit is usually more defensive then offensive. They usually have great gates surrounding their civilizations, and many gaurds too! They don't like politics, and if any citizen seems to be too much into it, they usually banish them, the same as which happened to A Food-Whisperor known as The Coconut prince!

If you're inner-food is a Fruit, dear Food-Whisperor, then make sure to have an important and honourable role in the Fruit Civilizations, if you want to take over! And all the traits listed for a fruit here, doesn't necessarily apply to all fruits, and it most certainly doesn't have to apply to you! Just because you can take the form of a fruit, doesn't mean you take its inner-form too!